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Jesus, kids, family, friends, photography, swimming, hiking, reading, surfing, softball. These are the norms. This year I am breaking out some cook books and expanding my pallet for different cultured foods. For so long I have been, not so confident to cook seafood or fish in general. But that is changing and I am please to say I am doing quite well. Lots of good teachers and great cooks have helped. Thanks to you, you know who you are! I do miss dancing so at least a few times this next year I would like to go have some fun. Keep me in the loop with barbeque's, dinners, coffee, tea, wine good old fashion fun and food. I know of a very quaint coffee and desert shop so yummy. Any volunteers?
Music: Music holds no boundaries to many generations of awesome tunes. I do have to throw on the occasional 80's, 70's, 60's pop and rock. Once in a blue moon will mix it up with the latest in pop culture. Been longing for some good jazz. Any ideas? When I am privilege enough to share some time with the babies in my life a good dose of Baby Einstein and School house rock keeps me jammin.
TV: I am Happy Football Season is getting started. Go Seahawks. I will put a shout out to the Broncos in respect to my daddy. I still love Csi, NCIS, the occasional sci fi, News, True blood is my favorite right now. ect. Not a huge tv watcher to busy with life. Learning to relax now though.
Books: RA Salvatore one of my favorites. Spent the last year and a half reading a never ending fantasy. About 31 books. Hince, I am now trying to catch up on movies now. Lots of books I read have been given to me or recommended by friends. So it is random here and there. Mystery, history, fiction, non fiction. ect I just wrapped up the Twilight series. I have decided now is the time to read the Harry Potter series. Don't know I waited so long. Will be a quick read I think.
Sports: I like to watch football in person and on Tv. I like to play indoor soccer and softball. Need to find a team for softball have to start working on it.
Movies: Last movie I watch was Haunting in Connecticut. Creepy! Want to see Transformers. Must find time. In past time I enjoy everything from Gone with the Wind to Casablanca. Love the classic. My Grandma and I can spend an afternoon watching all the good ones. Old westerns I get from my dad as well as history and sci- fi movies. Clint Eastwood,The Duke(John Wayne) for those who don't know but should. LOL! I love fantasy Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, Star Wars, Van Helsing, Interview with a vampire, Dracula, Batman, Spiderman, Fantastic Four, love the comics. Classics: Fried Green Tomatoes,Lost Boys, Breakfast Club, Flashdance, Pretty in Pink,Molly what happen to her? You get the idea. Love Saving Private Ryan, first time I watched it I left the theater Great movie
BestFeatures: I don't know some say beautiful eyes. You tell me. LOL!

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