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I am 6' tall and I realize that's not typical of girls but then again I'm not a typical girl :D I love making jewelry, shooting, dirt bike riding, learning new things, and tons of other stuff! I am very compassionate, understanding, and brilliant I might add :) Right now I am attending YVCC for my AA transfer degree then going somewhere else to get a bachelors in civil engineering (if I don't change my mind again). I like almost all kinds of music but listen to country and rock the most. Family is a big part of my life and I have no idea where I would be with out them! I'm new to this whole dating scene (big shocker i know) so be nice! LOL
HighSchool: East Valley High School
College: Yakima Valley Community College
ElementarySchool: Terrace Heights Elementary School
Music: Rock, Hip Hop, Alternative, Country, Rave, almost any thing
TV: Bones, House, NCIS, CSI, Sanctuary, Fringe
Books: The Faerie Path Series, The Handmaids Tale, Middle Sex, Bottled Up, The Scorpion King
Sports: Not really into much sports but I do like to play them
Interests: I like to work with my hands and build things. And i absolutely LOVE fairies!!!
Movies: Almost anything but I do love horror and comedies.
BestFeatures: Eyes and brain
Dreams: To become a math school teacher

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